The Falling Leaf

This Project Is still in progress.


Fall Short : Crazy House

This video was really fun to work on. I think i liked it so much because i was able to create my own actual storyline and camera shots. It was very informative learning all of the different camera shots. Though this project is incomplete, you can kind of catch the feel that the video gives. I will be finishing this project as soon as i can.

The Bouncing Ball

I am still in the process of finishng this video, though it already looks pretty complete. This project was pretty cool to work on. It was fun adding the audio to it actually. When i make my videos i try to make them amusing and interesting because it makes it more fun for me to actually work on it.

Model Turnaround

Character Turnaround

This character is totally made up from my imagination. I not sure what name to give this dude yet but what ever name i choose, its gonna be awesome. This model sheet was the first one i have ever done so it may not look as good as others whom have more experience than me. This was actually really cool because i got to just create this guy out of whatever i wanted to so that was cool. Later on this dude will be furthermore refined. 🙂

character frenzy

Character_Frenzy_1        I chose this character because he is one of my favorite characters from American Dad. His name is Steve Smith, and he is one of the funniest characters in the show. He was fairly easy to trace and color. I thought it was pretty cool to use the background to contrast from the character in such a way. The character frenzy was a cool first assignment to start off my animation experience.